The recent plethora of castigations, resentments, lethal words and caricatures launch between the political camps in the UTG are gravely worrisome. An institution that is expected to nurture and exhibit qualities of good leadership, political harmony and tolerance, maturity and a deep sense of professionalism in both character and conduct, actions and inactions — has its students disguised as politicians busy launching rockets of injurious rhetorics directed at shattering each other’s support grips.

One would have thought politics in the *University of The Gambia* is one that is built on an absolute sense of professionalism, due regard for one another, and the marketing of policies – a trajectory that is altruistic, yet very expensive – a trajectory that remains firm in attempts to breaching and navigating it – one that is intimidating to unprofessional and inept politicians.

Rather, politicians in the UTG have busied themselves excelling in perpetuating hatred, contempt and disunity among themselves – one that breaches the very foundations, ideals and values on which the STUDENTS’ UNION is built on – one that undermines the very unionism our predecessors have unflinchingly dedicated their time—building. It will be very cynical and callous of us to allow these fragments of students of our dear University to plague this dream of unionism for us and generations to come.

Swiftly, I’ve observed with concern: the involvement of the Students’ Union in the transmission of these rhetorics. In as much as they are a party to the messages, I expect the Union to advise itself well in exchanging words that are polite and harmless. I’m not oblivious of the fact that they have been directly involved in the fuss, however, they could clarify their stance without the use of such a diction heavily armed with similar rhetorics conveyed in the dispatch conveying the allegations.

Students of the UTG crave for a political atmosphere that gives considerations to only professional, yet respectful rebuttals premised on policies, not one that projects demoralization of personalities or a distortion of a team’s image. These tantrums being thrown at each other speaks bad about the UTG and its students. It projects a bad notion to society, that which devalues, disregards and un-recognizes our worth in terms of having the panacea to resolve the development crises hounding on our nation.

Hence, I wish to, with utmost respect, call to order both political parties, UTG INTER-SCHOOL ALLIANCE FOR CHANGE and THE SALVATION-SOLUTIONISTS COALITION and the Students’ Union; to observe maximum decorum and sanity in the political landscape. May I remind us that it’s only a matter of time until the lines parting us into teams discontinue to exist – we would then remain as students of the University of The Gambia. Furthermore, we may kindly remember that this relegation would happen at the end of the day – as soon as the political dusts settle in November, 2021.

To the electorates, Students of the UTG, in light of this political fuss, you may choose to understand that the goal is to mobilize and acquire your support, vote, and to serve you. Who truly stands for your interest would be determined by you through your respective perspectives. Thus, I urge you to consider the actions and non-verbal cues of the candidates, their policies and how well they explain their operationalization, leadership track record and personal qualities, inter alia, as you may deem needful to choose the best. Remember, your interest is first and should remain first – nothing less or inferior.

Accordingly, I wish to call on the UTGSU-Electoral Commission to take a firm stance on this issue – caution the political camps to accord with dignity, due regard and respect for one another. And take stringent measures against any camp that is non-compliant. I equally hope the UTGSU-CRC 2021 will establish clauses that seek a legal recognition of these political camps. Such that, it would make it easier to hold them to account for the realization of unity, peace and stability in the UTG.

To conclude, we must understand that, by virtue of our differences in choices, acquaintances and reasoning: it makes us only humans. A people with common objectives. Let’s observe political tolerance and do it with civility. After all, we are ambassadors of the same entity. We can coexist amidst our political differences. It’s possible.


Modou Lamin Jammeh

Former President _UTG-SAPEH.


As I poised to solemnly write

About the one thing I earnestly miss-

Yet the one thing that always tear me apart anytime the thought of it visits me-

I wrote: “dear brother, I miss you”, felt unease. I however assuaged myself to continue until when I said “I’ve cried – longed for your presence to have my back as I get beaten up by my childhood friends’ senior brothers”….

The outcome wasn’t uncommon-

My thoughts defenestrated as I hold my pen

A seemingly overtly overwhelming yet serene night capriciously blurred with emotions. A nascent euphoria short lived as my hands turn numb. Mood ramshackled in melancholy as I gasp for air – I could feel my heart pulling me down in agony.

I thought I was immune to weeping – I thought I was grown enough to withhold my tears – I thought I could talk to him through the world of art-

If anything that was explicit: to a great extent, I was wrong in all but my last assumption.

He missed me, this believe had colonized my conviction. He anticipates my letter, this feeling heave my enthusiasm. He hopes I remain resilient, this intuition infiltrates my sanity as I bow before the mystery. We shall communicate in the literary realm, I don’t know when, but last night was excruciating.

Author: Modou Lamin Emess Jammeh

BSc Public and Environmental Health Student

University of The Gambia


It is that time of the year when promises, as sacredly resounding as they are, conspicuously audible and legible, resonates in minds like pellets of a heart wrenching thunderstorm – scary, yet easily submitted by politicians.

From all conventionally endorsed cardinals, sourced vouches, acclaims, affirmations, attestations: of credible integrities; of immaculate personalities; of impeccable résumés; of undisputed intellectual dexterity, of sagacity and of prowess – that are shackled and embedded in minds.


Devine attentions are sought; public support is solicited; unreserved trust is unflinchingly bargained for.


Electorates are emboldened to exercise their suffrage with the promise of fulfilling their collective aspirations; the sovereign power of electorates is acknowledged; we are regarded with ad hoc honorability and served with ephemeral gratuity.


Politicians vibrantly yet staunchly seek to protect our interest; the race for state house becomes a substantial reality; political ammunitions are loaded; casual conversations are obscured by political rhetorics; every stanza seemingly anchors on perpetuating the ideals, principles, policies and plans of a particular political camp.

Occasionally when:

The loathsome tribal sentiments are fueled and empowered; deflating each other’s character erratically serves as a surrogate for policies; quasi-emancipations are engraved in minds in light of ulterior motives – subsidiary.


claiming to subjugate egocentrism to pursuing the prime and profound interest of the people becomes more pronounced; youth empowerment is used as a bait to secure cheap political points; individual rights, civil liberties, and democratic principles echoes sharper than a siren.

Time and time again; we see reprehensible manifestations of politicians breaching their promises—the reasons we voted them in – just gravely trivialized as are mental health issues.

In spite of the bloated distrust towards the campaign rhetorics of politicians: Dr. Ceesay and Hon. Sallah have mellowed hearts – rekindled hopes that decent politics will be summoned and this will be accompanied by detached debates centered on ideas, strategies and policies – as they bid farewell to pernicious pervasive sentimental politics hinged on tribal lines.

Hands are crossed ! The rhetorics had always been tragic eruptions in the past – notwithstanding we hope this phenomenon is eroded while we anticipate decent and genuine politics.

Modou Lamin Emess Jammeh

Author: Modou Lamin Emess Jammeh

BSc Public and Environmental Health Student

University of The Gambia


Ragingly: filled with furiousness; With ferocious facial expressions; With superfluous contempt and intent to plunder – it hounds on a lifetime amassed belongings.

Minds drowned in desperate thoughts; emotions subdued & agitated amidst ambiguity; tranquility unduly confiscated; dozens displaced amidst an appalling retrogressive and retarded economic rise; buildings turned asunder; trees branded and fettered-ly succumbing to the vile sanctions of the storm –

transiently! we have sanctuaries devoid of sanctity; roofs embarking on unsolicited voyages; trees ambitiously flying; an atmosphere preoccupied with repugnant nuisances. Supposedly calm ecosystem frowns and plagued with discourtesy.

Accompanied with gruesomely glaring lightening and fierce thunderstorms, the storm vehemently admonished; that we may firmly knit the bonds of social cohesion; that we may strengthen colossally our cooperate social responsibilities; that our government may be violently abused with the spirit of servitude to advance the supreme interest of the sovereign nation; that we may revive the departed spirit of generosity in assistance to the disadvantaged.

Yet! the storm had again affirmed another adverse array of our people — within a miniature of time, the prices of building materials abhorrently skyrocketed. Leaving affected families wailing in a paroxysm of agony. Humanity lost amidst tragedy – emotions galvanized with grumpiness.

Admittedly, the storm admonished with melancholy!

Authored: Modou Lamin Emess Jammeh

BSc Public Health Student

Department of Public and Environmental Health — School of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences —- University of The Gambia

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