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As I poised to solemnly write About the one thing I earnestly miss- Yet the one thing that always tear me apart anytime the thought of it visits me- I wrote: “dear brother, I miss you”, felt unease. I however assuaged myself to continue until when I said “I’ve cried – longed for your presenceContinue reading “LAST NIGHT”


It is that time of the year when promises, as sacredly resounding as they are, conspicuously audible and legible, resonates in minds like pellets of a heart wrenching thunderstorm – scary, yet easily submitted by politicians. From all conventionally endorsed cardinals, sourced vouches, acclaims, affirmations, attestations: of credible integrities; of immaculate personalities; of impeccable résumés;Continue reading “THE CAMPAIGN RHETORIC”


Ragingly: filled with furiousness; With ferocious facial expressions; With superfluous contempt and intent to plunder – it hounds on a lifetime amassed belongings. Minds drowned in desperate thoughts; emotions subdued & agitated amidst ambiguity; tranquility unduly confiscated; dozens displaced amidst an appalling retrogressive and retarded economic rise; buildings turned asunder; trees branded and fettered-ly succumbingContinue reading “THE STORM OF ADMONITION”

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