Africa, a continent rich with her cultures and values is now consuming the Western ideologies and devaluing her Noble cultures and values in the name of the so-called Western democracy. Africa, which is said to be the origin of civilization as history would tell us, but now turns to be a consuming ground of Western Civilization. If Africa don’t believe on what she have, we will continue to be the dumping ground of “Western mess”. Who can claim that our ancestors were not Democratic?

Let’s look at our history, we learned that Africa was corrupted when the first whiteman stepped foot in Africa, who undermined our civilization and religion in order to tap our resources by taking our ancestors to Europe to be baptized to Christianity, but converted them into slaves. This is what the Wests are still doing to milk our resources.

The new trait is “Human Rights” as they claimed Africa failed to respect Human Rights. The Europeans fail to respect Human Rights more than Africans, as they continue to impose norms, laws, systems, etc. on us, as if we are not Human beings without norms, laws, systems, etc. The Europeans are abusing us in all forms.

A Western will be in Africa to collect our resources and he be called an adventurer, while an African in the West is immigrant. The worst of all is, an illegal immigrant. African born in the West is an African-European or African-American and a Western born in Africa is a Western. A Western will come to Africa without seeking a visa while an African can’t be in the West without a visa. This inferiority complex on Africans is against Human Rights. How many times is this raised, as it is against humanity?

African governments are consuming the European ideologies, as they are imposed on them to solidify their stay in power. This is due to incompetency, lack of confidence and trust in themselves and their subjects. African governments don’t initiate anything but continue to copy the West in all forms of governance, underrated their institutions and experts. Most a times, African governments never considered their institutions or experts in their governance but hire foreign institutions or experts because they lack “trust and confidence” in their sons and daughters. If that is not possible they invite citizens who wish to denounce their Africans citizenship to assume offices. When shall Africa restore her “glory, honesty, and confidence” in order to make Africa great again like the time when the Europeans scrambled for Africa.

Africa’s governance system must be devoid of Western interference

By: SEMS Keita, A trained Teacher and Lawyer by profession.


“He who feeds you, controls you”
in your wisdom, you echoed this and hope that it will put sanity and consciousness in hearts and ears of your Africa, but it’s sad that, this continent you spoke to in 50yrs ago, is still been fed by foreign mothers, who, we paid to in return a death cost for every single drop of her milk in our mouth. The case of my country, the Gambia in its contemporary dealing with EU, is a justification to what I asserted. We are shame and lost children but also among us, there are countries, with proactive leaders, who are moving on path of the course you took. in honor of African Liberation day, as we celebrate you, Steve biko, Malcolm, Patrick, Nelson, Nkrumah e.t.c we must also applaud the country of Rwanda and its true Pan-African leader for his great doings.

Equally, on this day, as we celebrate the day, we must recognize our strength to boost our revolutionary spirit in our fight to support, promote and protect our women. We enacted laws to promote their well-being and among those laws includes; Children Act, Sexual Offence Act, and other treaties. Not limited to that, we schooled them so to defeat the old illusion that “ women are meant for kitchen and house wives” consequently, this illusion negatively, impacted the lives of 90 percent of women in the 90s including my mum. But today, we have changed the trajectory, as many of our women attend formal education. In fact, the first teacher in my life is my ‘Nnaa’, all my teachers at first grade, at low grade, are females, and currently, my Islamic teacher, is female and a Fula !

However, we had some shortcomings, which we hope to overcome soon. Women still face domestic violence at home, at work force, some indecent men at authority, do take advantage of them. They use their status to subject them to their wants or they are send off, at our madarasas, some fragile imams and oustas, do take that as a leverage over them. All these are happening, but beyond that, we are fighting well and promisingly, winning the combat. Women are now an untied force; many now speak against injustice or any threat on their well-being and others now are doing well globally, exemplary, Bensuda, a Jury at ICC and her likes.

Apparently, we almost answered fully to the call of Sankara, which says that … “There is no true social revolution without the liberation of women. May my eyes never see and my feet never take me to a society where half the people are held in silence. I hear the roar of womens silence. I sense the rumble of their storm and feel the fury of their revolt”.

In the field of education, we almost doing great.

Unlike the days of 70s, 80s and 90s, today we have many African that attended formal education. Almost in all African countries, there is an enabling environment for access to education. It’s in fact, a right for all children in our Continental convention, the Banjul Charter and nationally, right to education is enshrined in all constitution within the continent.

Practically, schools are built in dozens throughout the sub region and many remote villages and the poor has schools at their door steps. We did not only have senior schools but also universities and colleges are prevalent more than before. Most importantly, in some countries, girls are given free education, among those countries includes the Gambia.

But notwithstanding, we still face some challenges. 50yrs today, the African cannot provide her children with quality education. Yes we have schools in numbers but the sad reality still is, 90 percent of her graduates yearly cannot made any meaningful product or development from what they read throughout their years at school. We cannot make our own roads even after going through engineering education, we can’t make our own Medicine and we still can’t feed ourselves sufficiently from our knowledge in agriculture. It’s ugly but is the sad reality of our progress as many.

However, beyond all these, to some bit, we still making progress. Imagine, today the University of Cape Town, is ranked 136th best universities globally. Thus at low pace but we still making progress I believed. The University of the Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg, is position 194th in the world, all this are evidence that we are doing progress to some extent in honor of the slogan of Nelson that “education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”

Unfortunately in the area of health, sadly, we did almost nothing. It’s sad and worst every day. Even after end of the colonial wall, we thought that, our women will no longer be at mercy of the village midwife, during child delivery but until today, the old sad story continues. Many died during child delivery at our remote villages and most sadly, is that, many still do lost their lives during child birth in our hospitals because our hospitals are ill equipped. Many in thousands died from curable diseases yearly not only because of the fault of the unqualified nurses but also the government that built hospitals unfit to address the needs of the suffering patients. Our case is sad. The government presiding over us is doing almost nothing to provide us with good health services.

Despite all our challenges and reality, I still believed in the course. I’m optimistic that Africa will one day attend a united front, wherein, with no regards to our different tribes, color, religion, social classification, political difference, we will collectively work in path to attend common objective which our falling heroes had embraced.
I’m optimistic, that one day, all African countries, can be led by true revolutionary leaders, who will win over all her challenges and successfully combat, corruption, poor education, poor health structure and poor agricultural structure and many more.

I’m hopeful that we will win the race against social injustice and every Ill roots in Africa. I’m hopeful that Africa will win and attend her dream, even if our every single progress will, seems two steps backwards to those who did not believed in the African dream.

Africa will win with time and Africa shall win in the end.

Happy African liberation day and hail to the falling heroes.


Authored: Assan Sanneh,
University of the Gambia Student
Upper grade – Faculty of Law.


It came at a time when the world is at a crossroad, humanity becoming scared. Love ones gone and never to return, hopes being shattered. Life becomes peculiar, wishes pending acceptance, problems remained unsolved .

Life but, teaches us a lesson, friends gave us love and love gives us belonging and self actualization. See, It wasn’t lost on me, neither was it a surprise when curropt public officials breached their oath of office; when people (The culprits) cannot be trusted by there own and when corruption is literally the order of the day. You either have to join the system or otherwise be kicked out. But for the question, that keeps me on my toes, yet can’t find an answer to is, who is a corrupt official?
Why is the unacceptable (corruption) normalized in the system?

We live in a world, yet at a moment where so much unoriginal people, embraced decadent behavior to defying our ethos to defamed others to have cheap public attention, but guess what? The lit of that fire burns fast. For true fame to come there must be hard work, dedication and determination. Anything earn cheap, goes cheap.

Until you know how it feels, you can’t ever have an opinion on how we deal with it. This is not about fantasy but walking the talk. See, we have seen educated men willfully abandoning their principles at the sight of money. Money has gained value over patriotism, thanks to corrupt practices and governance.

The question is not what is – But rather, what ought to be done?

For the way forward, life is more than adding speed to it. We need to fix the system, fix the institution, fix the people,fix the policy, fix the trajectory and fix the destination.

The need to Redefining the Unacceptable came at a moment, when the world is at a crossroad, humanity becoming scared. Love ones gone and never to return, hopes being shattered. Life becomes peculiar, wishes pending acceptance, problems remained unsolved. Thus, the urgent need to redefine the unacceptable.

Until we try to think together, celebrate and trust each other, the broken trust amongst ourselves will never be bind by the cartilages.

Author: Sarja Jarjusey


Indulge me to consume some of your invaluable time!

It is utterly important to advance this:
Not everyone is privileged to have acquaintances with the art of speaking or writing. But one thing that stood out for sure is: we all have a way of expressing ourselves.

Somewhere, somehow, somewhat, my instincts tells me to write. I’m indebted to in my quest to satisfying the aspirations of the aggrieved.

Do not let your emotions evade your conscience and rationality while attempting to speak the truth. If anything, is to be considerate of the feelings, and status of the victims. You’re their voice, you representing a group of under privileged people who has not the chance to be literate, who has not the chance or capacity to speak for themselves.  

It’s a noble course; it’s worth everything you give in for the benefit of the oppressed. They need justice and speaking for them is one step towards subduing justice before them. Do not only write or talk about it once, and give your back. Activism demands consistency; demands patience; demands fortitude; demands enthusiasm and readiness for any adverse effect. After all, it’s worthy of your time. 

See it this way! This is someone, somewhere, somewhat, advancing your agony to the stakeholders in questions – they need to hear it; feel it, and know the reality. Whatever you say or do, is just the beginning of a bigger challenge ahead. We don’t give up: when it’s tough; when the impediments are greater than us. That begs the question of our determination, dedication and commitment to get the job done – to demand justice to whom it’s due for; to correct the wrongs and arrest perpetual: abuse of authority or culture; grave mismanagement of funds (particularly national) and callous dishonour of covenants.  

At one point; you will feel the blessings of standing firm for such a course. You will ripe the fruits of your struggle. “Activism is the spice of life. It makes life more meaningful and interesting”.

We all have a vested interest in the pursuit! Hence, in whatever way we can, we’ve to play our part of the struggle. This is a covenant of trust between us. It’s high time that we formed an alliance to give the course all that we’ve got. We need to embrace the course together, fight both as teams and as individuals. A chain is no stronger than its weakest link- let’s shoulder the bond, it needs to be stronger than before. We may speak in different languages, different perspectives, in different tones – but the agenda is one (Activism).  

Our people must be emancipated from the shackles of oppression, abuse, rape and all sort of inhumane tragedies in which they are incarcerated.  

We’ve read about revolutions, heard about them: But the slightest idea we have in it is, it takes a little more than courage to spare one. It needs wit, pro-activeness, stubbornness, and be aware of conspiracy, the “strong men syndrome “. They’re capable of doing anything to safeguard their lucrative employment to the detriment of the masses. Less they care about our plight. That is why the least we could do is to, salvage our people, and our future from this bane.

Concerted efforts as highlighted earlier is the most likely way forward. As the common adage goes: “A single bracelet does not jingle ” which means unity is power. Let no one among us underestimate the power of one.

“Our voice, if we know: is a sanctuary to the needy; a redemption song in the eyes of the oppressed; a hymn of hope in the eyes of the destitute; a reincarnation of virtue and dignity, liberty and justice in the eyes of the abused. Our lives had more meaning with these embodiments”. 

You have little or no idea what this could spark; for I know this is a beacon of hope and guidance for the young generation: perhaps it’s prudent to speak in the voice of Martin Luther King Jr, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”.

Less you know, the weaker the bond, the more vulnerable we’re to the conspiracy of the villain – at no time, should we compromised the solidarity and alliance.

Nearly I forgot! Like any other course may demand professional ethical behaviour – this course is no exception. Perhaps I present some morals to wit in simple straightforward, but befitting terms: we have to be compassionate, Realistic, Consistent, honest, and indeed our choices of words really mater too. There is more to it than these values. But, you only know when you embrace the course. Don’t forget to speak in unambiguous terms. We should not tolerate hypocrisy.  

Courtesy of aptitude, it is prudent to let you know this!
One thing that always stands out among the heart wrenching challenges is, critics – No one is sacrosanct. You shall be confronted with obnoxious expressions of others, particularly sympathizers of the subject of discuss. They are more of barking dogs, just to distract you. Keep your eyebrows and head up, continue your fight, only reply them when it’s necessary and genuine. Because for I know, a closed mouth never catches flies. The criticism would be inevitable!

At one point, you would face your own ally as an enemy. Your relationship might turn asunder. perhaps it begs the question why?!
You may have advanced an argument of a persona that they’ve personal acquaintances with – to sanctify their interest and that of their accomplice, they would inevitably keep hounding on you. 

For all I and you should care about is, the sanctification of the plight of the oppressed, the vulnerable, the less privilege and ensure their needs are attended to accordingly. 

We don’t advocate to have a leverage over those we do it for and remember, it’s a selfless humanitarian service. We don’t take bribes to keep silent over a grave issue. We should intolerate intimidation and brutalization.

Our voice, if we know: is a sanctuary to the needy; a redemption song in the eyes of the oppressed; a hymn of hope in the eyes of the destitute; a reincarnation of virtue and dignity, liberty and justice in the eyes of the abused. Our lives had more meaning with these embodiments.

We may speak in different languages, different perspectives, in different tones – but the agenda is one(Activism). Hence we need to embrace the course.

Authored: Modou Lamin Jammeh

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