Africa, a continent rich with her cultures and values is now consuming the Western ideologies and devaluing her Noble cultures and values in the name of the so-called Western democracy. Africa, which is said to be the origin of civilization as history would tell us, but now turns to be a consuming ground of Western Civilization. If Africa don’t believe on what she have, we will continue to be the dumping ground of “Western mess”. Who can claim that our ancestors were not Democratic?

Let’s look at our history, we learned that Africa was corrupted when the first whiteman stepped foot in Africa, who undermined our civilization and religion in order to tap our resources by taking our ancestors to Europe to be baptized to Christianity, but converted them into slaves. This is what the Wests are still doing to milk our resources.

The new trait is “Human Rights” as they claimed Africa failed to respect Human Rights. The Europeans fail to respect Human Rights more than Africans, as they continue to impose norms, laws, systems, etc. on us, as if we are not Human beings without norms, laws, systems, etc. The Europeans are abusing us in all forms.

A Western will be in Africa to collect our resources and he be called an adventurer, while an African in the West is immigrant. The worst of all is, an illegal immigrant. African born in the West is an African-European or African-American and a Western born in Africa is a Western. A Western will come to Africa without seeking a visa while an African can’t be in the West without a visa. This inferiority complex on Africans is against Human Rights. How many times is this raised, as it is against humanity?

African governments are consuming the European ideologies, as they are imposed on them to solidify their stay in power. This is due to incompetency, lack of confidence and trust in themselves and their subjects. African governments don’t initiate anything but continue to copy the West in all forms of governance, underrated their institutions and experts. Most a times, African governments never considered their institutions or experts in their governance but hire foreign institutions or experts because they lack “trust and confidence” in their sons and daughters. If that is not possible they invite citizens who wish to denounce their Africans citizenship to assume offices. When shall Africa restore her “glory, honesty, and confidence” in order to make Africa great again like the time when the Europeans scrambled for Africa.

Africa’s governance system must be devoid of Western interference

By: SEMS Keita, A trained Teacher and Lawyer by profession.

Published by Emess Jammeh

Emess Jammeh is an ardent writer, Teacher, Youth Activist, Debater, Mentor, Article Reviewer and Editor. He is also a youth leader in many Civil Societies.

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