Now, more than ever, we need a governance system that respects for fundamental human rights, that represents the voices of its people positively, that does not interfere in the judicial system of its country, that sympathize and respect victims of human rights violations and make so the justice they deserved is served.

We need a governance system, that’ll protect its people, that does not sacrifice its people for any gains, that does not ruin the economy of its country, that provides a healthy environment for civic participation.

A governance system that’ll provide an effective and efficient education system for its people, that’ll provide adequate and meaningful health centers with qualified health personnels ( with both orthodox and conventional medicine), that’ll create a resilient and fortified public health system, that’ll provide all necessary measure for any kind of emergencies.

A governance system that’ll pay its employees genuine salaries, that’ll provide genuine pension and retirement age and salaries for its employees, that’ll respect the dignity of its employees, that’ll cater for the health needs of its employees.

A governance system that’ll not use the security apparatus as a weapon for oppression and suppression of its people, that does not underestimate its security forces, that’ll protect the sovereignty and integrity of its country.

A governance system that’ll formulate constructive and practical policies for its institutions, that’ll implement any formulated policies without fear or favor.

A governance system that’ll build strong institutions that will combat corruption, that’ll promote accountability and transparency, that’ll provide scholarships for students who needs and deserves it, that’ll create an environment for private sector participation in the developmental agendas.

A governance system that does not levy heavy taxes to business owners (particular youth start-ups ) that will strip them off or collapse their business, a governance system that’ll be very vigilant at its ports of entry (both sea port, airport, and borders) to search and seize any fraudulent substance being smuggled in its territory, that’ll delegate responsibilities to the right and competent personnel, that’ll appoint personnels into its institutions base on merit and competency.

In essence, we need a proactive and energetic government that has the wit and dexterity to lead the pace of its nation’s development. And we should equally note with prudence that, leadership comes with responsibilities, it comes with its pros and cons and that’s inevitable, but in as much as we recognize and respect that, we equally needs more than ever:

A populace, that’ll ally with its government to work in tandem for the attainment of its goals and aspirations, that’ll hold its government to account, that’ll pressure its government to deliver.

A populace, that’ll abide by the laws of its land, that’ll not engage in a politic of partisanship, that’ll not take bribes to the detriment of its people, that’ll not throw stones at its government, that’ll do everything possible to protect its integrity and sovereignty.

A populace, that’ll uplift each other in terms of sweet and sour, a populace that’ll resort to protesting as a last choice, a populace that’ll stand for each other to ensure those that deserved justice have it, and ensures victimhood is eradicated in its territory.

If anything, the morale behind this outcry is, we need a pragmatic and deliberative democracy devoid of corruption, treachery, violations of human rights. And preoccupied with positive development, addressing the needs of its people and protect the economy, integrity and sovereignty of its country.

We need patriotic youths that’ll serve as a source of inspiration and motivation to their fellows, youths that have their nation at heart and will serve as problem solvers.

Authored: Modou Lamin Jammeh.

Published by Emess Jammeh

Emess Jammeh is an ardent writer, Teacher, Youth Activist, Debater, Mentor, Article Reviewer and Editor. He is also a youth leader in many Civil Societies.

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