Repost! This is a view I hold in the face of turmoil, during the Gambia’s Constitutional Review process………………….

Different people with different intellectual background has took it upon themselves to battle ragingly regarding the word ‘Secular ‘- whether to include it in the constitution or not.

Pardon my impertinence!
It’s pathetic and disheartening to live to witness such an ignominious behavior in society: disregarding the most valuable resource we’re endowed with – tolerance; compromising the long reputation we ever had – peace; violating the most precious standards we ever cherished – moral values…….The atmosphere we found ourselves in as Gambians contemporarily is menacingly outrageous and dusty. One finds it almost impossible to sight through the glass of the foreseeable future.

This word (Secular) has Seemingly, resurrected an endless unprecedented chasms (debate) whether to include secularism in the constitution or not. This whole debate is on the line of breaching: our moral and cultural values as a people; the long indigenous peace and tolerance we’re known for; the joking relationships that binded us as Gambians – A contention based on antidisestablishmemtarianism or its contrary. I wouldn’t let my emotions or believe , or prejudice on favor of any of the parties involved – I’m impartial.

Now forgive me if I’m wrong! All I understand from the over-all reforms taking place in my motherland is : to resolve all the wrongs and defiances that had existed so long and distorted our shapes; to reinstate the abandoned peaceful coexistence that has been betrothed upon us as a nation by our forefathers ; to rewind the laws that seeked to opressed us and: those that vested absolute power in one person (President) and compromised our sovereignty as a people; those that granted immunity to the oppressors; those that devastated our health and afflicted obnoxious trauma on us. To stitch the deep wounds and bestow upon us assuaging messages of absolution, unity and democracy- mollification.

I sincerely plead to us all to take a step back and look at our opinions (on secularism) in a broader perspective- agglomerate our ideas , allow it to infiltrate through our various faculties for the best product that sought to redress our aspirations for the common good. Not that, that is inclined to favor the majority or the minority in anyways, but that, that does consider the plight of all in equity.

This country (The Gambia) that is so endeared to us, got itself built on a foundation of moral virtues, religious and cultural tolerance , embellished benignity and most importantly peace – undubitable. This wasn’t glamorous, was it?

It doesn’t really matter what your beliefs are, what concerns me is your decision on the matter (Secularism ) morally. Do you consider its implications inclusively, on society when included or not in the constitution- risk assessment?
Have you peruse it in terms of ” The Individual interest Vs The Public’s interest ” and know where the load lyes?
Can you assert utterly that, your decision or opinion is best for us?
I do hope that you have the intellectual dexterity to foresight, analyze and decode the future in this adverse atmosphere of ours having it (Secular) enshrined or not in the constitution.

After-all, our decisions would intrepidly hunt us as a collective. Don’t let your decisions paint us as an unscrupulously decadent society, for we’re known for its contrary (morality).
This topic would one day end – its dust shall settle, I do hope the aftermath shall be what we desired as a people.

Until then, have a good debate.

Authored: Modou Lamin Jammeh

Published by Emess Jammeh

Emess Jammeh is an ardent writer, Teacher, Youth Activist, Debater, Mentor, Article Reviewer and Editor. He is also a youth leader in many Civil Societies.

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