History had been ruined and had evidences manipulated in the presence of all – yet we believed without questions (perhaps analyse on our own courtesy). The distorted history would triumph through the thriving of time, Such that, we would be told blacks are inferior to white: this sparks the proliferation of the inferiority complex of black men. We are made to shadow our minds with self-derogatery believes that we’re no complete beings without the aid of the Whiteman.

And the tragedy about us is, we upheld this caricature with great value – we safeguard it with our life even though it’s manipulated profoundly against us:

And such had manifested in many ways, but the most pathetic way, is our leaders relegating our state to trivialities by begging or surrendering our resources to their mercy – that’s not a very big deal you’d hear: but, to the extent of sacrificing our leftover resources again to get , just chicken change from the So called White elites. What is so gravely pathetic than such a tragedy.

We were utterly exploited, abused, raped, molested, yes! The facts still remain no matter how hard they tried to manipulate it. At one time, we claimed our sovereignty and had it. So what do you make of this : begging from the oppressor?!

They said, ‘We (Africans) can’t be compared to the West’ – For god and heaven sake! Why can’t we? I mean, why is it a taboo to rub shoulders with the White? Where is the liberty?

Aside from all this hullabaloo, what’s my point? Why am I in fact raising this disgust and trivial issue here?

Well! If you perceived: it as, provoking, I’ll be glad it did ; it as obnoxious, I’ll be honored it does; it as rekindling your traumatic anguish, I’m sorry it does. This has gone beyond that! I hereby, without reservations, question your knowledge of history…..

Let’s just face it:
Beyond! slavery, colonization, resistance against colonialism, wealth, there’s an obscured story of us Africans. Which the greater proportion of Africans are yet to embrace (perhaps, scarcely know about). We are great and powerful! I don’t need to repeat myself. I don’t need an angel or a Whiteman to tell me that I’m great to believe it: I’m born of the believe from the onset and I shall die with it.

Numerous Black Africans, whom history regard as Liberators, stood firmly against this disguise notion that, we are son of a lesser god ! They’ve fought countless battles in which some of them surrendered their lives to salvage us. Some under solitary confinement for more than two decades: while others made it through the confinement – others faced their last horrible nightmares before bidding farewell to life. Less we recognize those remarkable efforts (atrocities of the white) , the more bewildering this notion of attainment of freedom and sovereignty gets.

This whole issue of subjugation is a placebo, instituted to exploit us more – albeit, the reality is, we’re equal, or they’re no better. We’ve to break the circles of the myth that: only the Whiteman’s aid can emancipate us from poverty, underdevelopment and other anthropogenic challenges.

It’s time to usher in a new dawn of consciousness, self-reliance, independency and protect our sovereignty as a people, as a state and by far and large, as a continent. Some would say, it’s a tactical nightmare, it’s a delusion or mere hallucination: but that is not important; let’s garner all we’ve got and resort to actualizing the “dawn of the new history”, that is important.

We can’t be victims of paroxysmal trepidant abasia! For long, I’ve wondered, is it that we’re watching the future through a myopic lens?
I still can’t fathom the puzzle – but you’ve the liberty and choice to help us out. And one thing I know for sure is, we’ve proactive youths with rational mindset (if that’s followed with some pieces of pragmatism): that alone will do – we may be save of the blurry synopses of the future.

That is the beginning of redefining the fallacious history we are caged in. Until with our different lenses, see the future with pro-activeness and consciousness, I hope you see what we (like-minded) could see – good luck.Authored: Modou Lamin Emess Jammeh

Published by Emess Jammeh

Emess Jammeh is an ardent writer, Teacher, Youth Activist, Debater, Mentor, Article Reviewer and Editor. He is also a youth leader in many Civil Societies.

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